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COVER STORY: FGI of Philadelphia chats with Pamela Ptak

pamOn Tuesday evening, at Moore College of Art and Design, Pamela Ptak will join her fellow Project Runway winners – Jay McCarroll and Dom Streater, for an intimate discussion about life as a fashion designer. Pamela designs for the intellectual woman with courage and wit. Pamela’s marriage of the art & science of fashion creates a line which resonates in the heart & soul.

Here, she talks about moments on Project Runway, working in Philadelphia, and her latest project.



FGI of Philly: What was your favorite moment and most cherished memory being on Project Runway?

PP: I have 2 favorite moments… One was during my taped Lifetime interview with Tim Gunn when he said “These are among the most beautifully constructed clothes I’ve ever seen and “I think you are on the cusp of something big.” The second was a conversation with one of the Project Runway producers who told me I reminded him of Chris Rock because I very funny & very smart. I was amazed and humbled because I think Chris Rock is a genius! I don’t think anything could top those two moments. My most cherished memory is becoming really good friends with many of the other designers.


FGI of Philly: What are your thoughts on Philadelphia’s fashion industry renaissance and what opportunities do you see for the city?

PP: I’ve been witnessing the renaissance in Philly’s fashion industry since 2004 when I started teaching couture graduate classes at Drexel. There were no incubators yet, but instructors in all the fashion schools were seeing an increase in serious fashion interest. And students weren’t just aiming to me employees of other firms…they were thinking outside the box and becoming entrepreneurs, truly unafraid of the hard road before them. I’m always awed at real bravery & a hard work ethic. Those are the two things that really matter in any field.


FGI of Philly: What amazing things are you currently working on?

PP: Following the advice of several of my best fashion instructors, one whose mother founded a fashion school in Paris and another who was a designer of tailleur (tailored coats, dresses & suits) at Christian Dior, I’ve founded my own alternative fashion school to teach the rarest skills & theories in fashion.  My husband & I are preparing to launch a free online series of classes as well so that students all over the world can study fashion & couture without moving to Europe.  I’m also enjoying creating very crazy & elaborate costumes in the cosplay realm. My husband is a graphic novel & comic artist, so it’s a natural.


To see and learn more from Pamela Ptak, purchase tickets to this event at fgiphiladelphia.ticketleap.com