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Philly TexSTYLE – Emerging Designer Gabrielle Mandel

FGI of Philadelphia has a new blog series launching this month called Philly Tex͠STYLE created by Hope Jidenma. The mission of the monthly blog series is to promote and showcase FGI of Philadelphia as an active part of Philadelphia’s burgeoning fashion industry.
This blog will highlight the reemergence of the textile and apparel industry in Philadelphia and those leading the way to shape the future of Philadelphia. It will provide a backstage look into the world of textile factories, manufacturing and production companies in Philadelphia.
This blog will also feature fashion, jewelry, shoe, and accessory designers working in Philadelphia, runway and editorial models, photographers, fashion show producers, fashion shows, fashion and trend events, fashion studios and showrooms, entrepreneurs and small retail businesses.

Fashion Designer Gabrielle Mandel kicks off this series! Click the link to read more.

Emerging Designers series featuring Gabrielle Mandel