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Philly TexSTYLE – Fashion Through the Ages hosted by Philadelphia Fashion Week

by Hope Jidenma

On Saturday, February 25th, over 100 people flocked to Century 21’s department store in Center City Philadelphia to attend a panel discussion entitled, “Fashion Through the Ages” presented by Philadelphia Fashion Week.

The event opened with a mini fashion show, highlighting  historical figures and what they would be wearing, if they were alive today. Philadelphia icons, including but not limited to Benjamin Franklin, Billie Holiday, Grace Kelly, and Betsy Ross, were recreated and styled in modern looks, inspired by their personalities and distinctive styles.

The panel of fashion industry heavyweights included Fern Mallis, Mickey Boardman, Clare Sauro, and Heather Crowell.  The moderator, Elizabeth Wellington, continued the conversation discussing various topics including the history of Philadelphia’s fashion industry and the city’s fashion future. They also discussed the birth of New York Fashion Week in 1991 and it’s evolution to our modern day, fashion photography and journalism, and how modern social and political climates affect designers.